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Welcome to Studio713

A recording studio and video production facility in the art's district of downtown Houston, TX. We have a unique facility and experienced team that is capable of handling your complete audio and video needs. The industry is changing; its a digital world now. Think visual, streaming and social networking. We offer consultations and help to maximize marketing and get revenue streams boosted.

Record, mix, and master professional audio

We record with top microphones like the Sony C-800, always through a Class A analog signal chain. Studio A is the suite of the studio with a large control/mixing room, a fully enclosed vocal booth, a live room large enough for a full band and a beautiful natural reverb. Studio B is our production, voiceover and ADR suite. Book a recording session today, or let's put a package together for you.

Video production, editing, and post

Our green screen room is a truly inspiring place where reality and imagination meet. We are currently shooting video on the RED, but can accommodate whatever visual and financial goals you have. Call us for a tour of the facility or schedule your video production project today!    


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